Connector App

Today, with 50 million iPhones, the Palm Pre, Google's Android for mobile phones, to say nothing of all the major cell phone manufacturers jumping on the SmartPhone bandwagon, people are unhitching themselves from their computers.


 Apple recently reached two milestones: Eight point Five Billion digital downloads from their iTunes Store and One Billion App downloads from their iPhone Apps Store.


There are over 35,000 Apps for the iPhone. Over one billion have been downloaded.


So given that people are using the Internet, but not their computers, to stay connected, why not use the iPhone to bring your messages directly to your prospects and customers?


You have a Blog, a Twitter account, a Podcast (audio and/or video), a schedule and a way for people to contact you back. If you don't, we will help you set them up. We have spent the past 6 years teaching people just like you how to quickly and easily set up Blogs, Podcasts and Twitter accounts.


With your iPhone App your audience will never miss any of your important messages. They will all come direct to their iPhone.



Getting your iPhone App has never been easier. Most iPhone App developers charge $10,000, $20,000 or even $30,000 to write the App program.


Your Connector App is only $2,500 US.

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